Manufacturing capabilities

qualified professionals with international work in our company, creating a high-quality exhibition stands. We provide clients with such production possibilities:

Construction of exhibition stands turnkey, including complex two-story structure.
Creating three-dimensional structures with the use of polystyrene, PVC, acrylic glass, composites and other building materials.
Figured the standard exhibition booths for welding aluminum and other metals.
Laser cutting of Plexiglas, PVC and other materials.
Services of qualified designers and architects. In “EkspoLyuks” develop individual design projects of exhibition stands, outdoor pavilions, interiors, landscapes, showrooms and office space
All kinds of prototyping and graphic works, as well as cutting plotter.
Specialists from “EkspoLyuks” erase limit, giving each customer a wide range of possibilities for the realization of the company’s potential and the effective demonstration of the benefits of exhibitions and presentations. We settled all business processes, bringing them up to full automaticity, which significantly increased the quality of our work. We are working on the result!